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New Self Check-In with Ocean’s Self Registration Kiosk

January 27, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the Ocean Self Registration Kiosk is now officially part of Univi Health Centre. Upon arrival for an appointment, patients will now use a secure tablet to self-register and update their personal information. The self-registration kiosk securely stores patient records, which the patient can review and update. This will make office visits more efficient by reducing wait times and improving patient flow in the reception area, in addition to saving time and keeping information to date. Overall, these small changes will positively impact health outcomes and improve satisfaction for patients.

Ocean CognisantMD is Canada’s leading provider of EMR-integrated patient engagement solutions, where it allows patients and healthcare providers to securely share health information for clinical use, administration and referrals.

Although we understand that there can be an adjustment period with any change, our patients can expect the same level of service and care that is provided by our multidisciplinary team of health care providers. Our secretaries always remain on site to assist patients with this process.

To learn more about Ocean by CognisantMD, you can visit the following web link NEW: Check-In Kiosks – CognisantMD.