Social Work Services

Social workers help an individual get the most out of relationships, work and community life.

Social workers help identify the source of stress or problems, strengthen coping skills and find effective solutions.

Social workers are unique among helping professionals because they look at an individual’s problems within the context of their families, workplace and communities and consider the connection between personal problems and larger social issues.

Social workers offer various forms of counselling and therapy, and mediate between conflicts.

Who Does a Social Worker Help?

People from all age groups and all walks of life are helped by Social workers. Social workers provide services to individuals, couples, families, groups, communities, workplaces, and organizations.

Services Provided

Social workers provide a variety of services, specifically but not limited to:

  • Individual, family and couple assessment and counselling
  • Mental capacity assessment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Career/ employment counselling and placement
  • Stress management
  • Counseling for eating disorders
  • Grief, loss and trauma counselling
  • Addictions counselling
  • Mediation/ alternate dispute resolution

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