Good Food Box

What is the Good Food Box?

The Good Food Box is a non-profit community initiative that helps individuals and families access affordable fresh fruits and vegetables year round. It is a universal program, without subscription, that everyone is encouraged to join!

Each box contains:

  • a mix of high-quality fruits and vegetables;
  • one local item;
  • always below market price.
When can I order a Good Food Box?

Orders must be prepaid by the second Wednesday of every month and pick-ups take place the third Wednesday of every month.

You can order in person at the following locations:

Alban- Univi Health Centre- 24 Delamere Road


Order online via Paypal: Order your Good Food Box


Large box- $19.00

Small box- $10.00


For additional information, please contact:

Sarah Trottier, Health Promoter

705-857-3767, ext 422


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