Smoking Cessation

It is a known fact that to quit smoking can improve your health, but people have a hard time. Most people have been smoking for many years; therefore, it’s important to understand that it will take time to quit.

Smoking is a habit. You might need to quit multiple times before being successful. Relapse is normal. Smoking is often linked to many behaviours, such as eating, drinking coffee or alcohol, waking up, or driving.

Additionally, it’s important that people be motivated to be successful. Being ready can improve your chances of success.

The smoking cessation program, STOP (Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients), at the Univi Health Centre provides community members with counselling and medication support to assist in the quitting process. Trained healthcare providers work individually with community members to assist with their goal to quit smoking.

If you currently smoke cigarettes and are interested in quitting, you can participate in the STOP program. Simply contact your local Univi Health Centre site for further information or to schedule an intake for the STOP program.

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